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    Besides the pure optics it is primarily the user friendliness and the design of the web pages that counts.  Navigation and construction of the web pages should appeal to as many persons as possible.  
    The accessibility which manifests itself in the avoidance of techniques that are only attainable, with the use of a certain browser. Flash and other browser expansions don't have to be avoided because of this, in principle, however, it should be made sure that the contents remain fully usable, also without these techniques.  
    Hier gilt "Design ergänzt Funktion".  
      So soll sichergestellt sein, dass bei zum Teil kunstvollem Design die  
      Benutzbarkeit der Webseite nicht verloren geht.  

Here goes  "Design crowns the function".   
    Therefore it is made certain that with the artistic design the usability of the website isn't lost. An important aspects to web design is the correct text award and a special knowledge in web typography.   
    Web design is different from normal Design primarily through the strong reader orientation of this media. The reason for this is that most web surfers usually look specifically for information and go to a site only long enough to obtain the information.  

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